1840's Antique Gaudy Welsh Cup, Coffee Can Mug, Buddha Smoking Indian

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This is a small English pottery mug, cup, or coffee can with all the wonderful elements of the Gaudy Welsh pattern. It features what appears to be a buddha figure on front, although in the collecting world this is known as the "smoking Indian," seen with billows of abstract looping smoke rings and a lotus on his lap.

Such an interesting name, Gaudy Welsh, which was first used in the USA after WWII for a specific splashy coloured 19th c. pottery usually made in Staffordshire, England. It is also known in Britain as "Swansea Cottage." The defining element that makes a piece Gaudy Welsh is the style, look and the use of pink lustre, deep cobalt blue, gold gild and reddish orange elements in an oriental Chinoiserie design.

In 1978, Professor Howard Williams published a defining book called "Gaudy Welsh China" which looked at the various found patterns and makers, and named for collectors what had not been seriously named in the past. His lovely book states over 150 factories manufacturing gaudy pottery have been identified in the United Kingdom, in such places as Staffordshire, Bristol, Sunderland, Northern England, Scotland and Wales. He estimates that 80% of Gaudy Welsh pieces were Staffordshire made, with the rest made in Northern England and Wales.

A quote from the Williams book reads: "Gaudy Welsh was made in Britain during the early nineteenth century, patterned after Imari, sold to the working class, and given its name by Americans"

Please note that it has a 2" tight firing line, as seen in photos, and a spider hairline on bottom and is priced accordingly. It's just a pretty little 170 year old Victorian era gaudy welsh piece, bright and clean. We really love the sitting buddha figure with lotus. It was found in Devon, England. Click images to see the condition in very close up and movable views.


Size: 2.75 x 2.75 inches
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