1832 Robinson & Wood Blue White Willow Ironstone Transferware Platter

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1832-1836 Rare R&W Staffordshire Georgian Transfer Platter,
Meat Dish, Ashet or Game Plate



Just a lovely old early Willow Ironstone transfer platter measuring 13.5 x 11 inches with a wonderful and graphic "Stone China, R & W" cartouche backmark. We love the early beautiful backmarks as much as we love the platters!

R & W Pottery works "Robinson & Wood" was located on Broad Street, in Shelton, Hanley, Staffordshire England for only 3 years, from 1832-1836, making this a difficult piece to find. It then became "Robinson, Wood & Brownfield" from 1836-1841, to "William Brownfield" from 1850 to 1871, changing to "William Brownfield & Son in 1871." It went bankrupt in 1892 when "Brownfield's Guild Pottery Society" was formed. For a brief time, "Brownfield Pottery Ltd" was formed in 1898, but the whole firm sadly closed in 1900. This is a a rare and well marked 1830's Staffordshire pottery factory marked piece with good pottery history.

The Willow pattern became the most popular of all the Chinoiserie patterns and the most long lasting, still in production as a staple in pottery today. In the United States the willow pattern is simply referred to as "Blue Willow."

The standard Willow pattern scene includes a large and ornate tea house with a smaller similar tea house farther in the distance to its left. It is overlooked by a large and fruitful orange tree, with an angular wooden X fence in the front garden, crossing a well worn path. To the left there is a beautiful old willow tree leading to a stone bridge with 3 people crossing the river to another low pagoda. In the distance, a fisherman can be seen on his Chinese sampan boat in the river, and another ornate pagoda can be seen on the farthest shore, also surrounded by the same large orange trees. The finishing touch of the willow design together is 2 center birds in free and fanciful flight. Once you dissect the willow pattern and enter its serene space, you will never see it the same again.

This design was one made by the Staffordshire potters, to include all the elements of the amazing Chinese Export pottery that was at one time only for the elite. So interesting to realize its actually an English pottery design, made for the masses. We love the history, and we honour the longevity of the design. The Willow pattern has endured for over 200 years and is still made today, a testament to its appeal and character.

This beautiful old well marked piece was found in Totnes, Devon, England. It is very clean, with no chips, cracks or repairs, beautiful condition for its almost 200 years. Click images to see condition in close up views. There are early transfer imperfections and stray blue colour, as we see in most early pottery, done in the firing and manufacturing process. There are 3 triangular firing marks from the stilts used for stacking in the kiln, as seen in photos. We feel it adds to the uniqueness and character of the piece, and the charm. take a look at this most amazing video on transferware we found on youtube, enjoy! Be sure to see all our old platters on our website.

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Size: 13.5 x 11 inches
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