1830's "Spanish Beauties" Deakin & Sons Transferware Blue White Plate

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#AD249: Blue & White Dinner Plate with
Queen Isabella II of Spain and her mother


This is a beautiful blue 10 inch English pottery Staffordshire transferware dinner plate or dish. it has an early an artistic pottery mark for the "Spanish Beauties" pattern. We have another piece on our site from the same source, found with this piece. They were found together in Chester, Cheshire, England on the River Dee, which sits close to the Welsh border. 

In the 1830's, young Isabella the II 1830-1904 took the throne of Spain as a toddler, and was Queen of Spain from 1833-1868, from the age of 3 to 28 years. She was the oldest daughter of King Ferdinand VII of Spain and his 4th wife (also niece), Maria Christina of the Two Sicilies. isabella's mother, Queen Maria Christina, became regent on 29 September 1833, when Isabella was proclaimed sovereign at King Ferdinand's death. This event, and this mother and daughter were, as one could imagine, great royal news and interest to the European world and abroad. It appears the Staffordshire potters were interested in this news in manufacturing a plate to satisfy the public curiosity.

We have a wonderful platter by the same maker on our site, but of a different scene, although very close. in this plate's center vignette, young Isabella is behind in a formal palace garden, while her monther sits in front, letters in hand. A court entertainer with lute serenades the duo, with sailboats sailing by, lush flowers and summer scenery and architectural palaces adorning the outer rim. See our other wonderful platter here, and you will see the only two known Staffordshire patterns which are called "Spanish Beauties." The associated platter pattern also has an oriental or Moorish and Moslem influenced architectural scene and the entertainer is not playing an instrument, although they sit nearby.

This plate is executed in dark blue & white transferware detail on a clean white/blue tinged  pearlware base. What is English pearlware pottery? It is an earthenware dating from 1774-1830, the Georgian era in England. A lovely soft glossy pottery with an overall faint blue/grey tint derived from a touch of cobalt blue in the glaze. This cool blue tinge gives a whiter china appearance than the earlier yellow creamware. Historically, Josiah Wedgwood was seen as the inventor of pearlware with his 1779 "Pearl White" line. It is now known that other 18th century firms were producing pearlware in the 4-5 years prior, known as "pearl blue" and "china glaze" in the early pottery trade. Eventually these early terms fell out of use for the word pearlware in the 19th century.

It is believed to be manufactured by Deakin & Sons, In the 1999 Schiffer book "Encyclopedia of Marks on American, English, and European Earthenware, Ironstone, and Stoneware 1780-1980" by Arnold & Dorothy Kowalsky, the authors state "Deakin & Sons" is the only maker of the "Spanish Beauties" pattern. Deakin was located at in Lane End, Staffordshire, England.

The Deacon mark history is such:
Opened by Batkin & Deakin  (Thomas Batkin and James Deakin)  as the Waterloo Pottery from 1815-1822 
became Waterloo Pottery: Batkin, Dale & Deakin in 1822
Deakin & Bailey 1828-1832
Deakin & Son
James Deakin & Son
James Deakin & Co. (not to be confused with a Sheffield UK Silversmith by same name)
Deakin pottery factory closed in the 1860's.

The condition is stunning on this piece, no chips, cracks or repairs. It was made between the years of 1833-1841 coinciding perfectly with Queen Isabella II's and her mother as the 2 European "Spanish Beauties." Click images to see condition in close up views. At almost 200 ears old, an amazing early plate. Often the backmarks are not clear, but this is a real beauty in clarity, with a graphic gryphon sitting in a medieval castle turret, see photos. We see each old pictorial transferware plates such as this as a wonderful framed period painting. 

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Size: 10 inches diameter
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