1830's Huge Minton "Chinese Marine" Blue & White Transferware Platter

  • £185.00

#AD304 Huge 18.5 inch Transferware Minton Platter

This is a beautiful extra large piece of early Minton English chinoiserie pottery made in Staffordshire from 1822-36. It is a striking and heavy blue & white platter with a chunky white gadroon edge.

Thomas Minton 1765–1836 founded his pottery factory in 1793, located in in Stoke-upon-Trent, Staffordshire, England. Minton's "Chinese Marine" was released in about 1825 and depicted beautiful soft blue hued Chinese scenes and landscapes. It was exceedingly popular for many years. The pattern has a raised white flower border with a thick white gadroon edge, as seen in photos. It is very clearly and well marked, with the early cursive M mark in centre for Minton, made from1822-1836.

The centre scene is of a tall and imposing Chinese Pagoda with 8 other pagodas, a junk boat with crew, a wooden crossbar fence seen in the same iconic willow pattern, people walking and at work, flowers, trees, tall mountains in the distance and a lush Chinese river in the forefront.

NOTE: William Alexander, a print engraver, went with the first British Embassy to China in 1792-94. Sir George Staunton published a 2 volume set of their long expedition, including William Alexander's engraved print work. This book is an important historical look at early Western contact with China. It is "An Authentic Account of an Embassy from the King of England to the Emperor of China with engravings by William Alexander by Sir George Leonard Staunton, Published in London by G. Nicol, Pall Mall in 1797. Alexander's engravings are the basis of many scenes used in Staffordshire pottery and for Thomas Minton's "Chinese Marine" pattern. The book was a milestone in bringing the Oriental west to the English people.

Mark on platter reverse reads:
Chinese Marine
"M" for Minton
Opaque China backmark w/ a beautiful scroll, bird motif and Oriental Symbols
(It also has a deeply incised number 18, a tally mark)

NOTE: A rare piece, the condition of this platter: It has a tiny 1/4" round area on reverse with some black pottery soot. All platters have firing imperfections, and we think it adds to the charm, see photo. It also has a long and very tight firing hairline crack, as seen in photos. It must be scrutinized closely to see this imperfection, which is about 10 inches long and falls exactly in the curve, or  the "well" of the platter. One has to hold it to the light to be see, see pics and arrow. It is priced accordingly. You won't be disappointed by the way this platter displays.

This rare piece is large, and stunning. It was found in Kingsbridge, Devon, England with 2 other tiny "Chinese Marine" small biscuit platters, which can found here on our site. They all 3 recently came out of a Devonshire household.

Size: Very Large Platter: 18.5 x 14.5 inches
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