1830's Flow Blue Transferware Plate-See Tripod mark-Dimmock-Ridgway?

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1830's Flow Blue Transferware Plate-See Tripod mark-Dimmock-Ridgway?


This is truly a stunning piece of flow blue. It has an early and interesting Miles Mason type Chinese inspired mark for “Tripod”, see photos. It also has an deeply and cleanly embossed cross mark, see photo.

I have seen similar Oriental pieces listed by Dimmock and John Ridgway, but do not know the Staffordshire maker for certain. I have not seen this pattern, in fact the others marked Tripod are not this pattern, but close. Any help or correction appreciated, email me, Debra here.

It has deep hand-painted red paint overglaze on the rim. It was found in Exeter, Devon and is stunning. Condition is great, the most I can see is very little faint discolouration on front, in a tiny patch in middle on the left. It has to be scutinized very closely to see. It is beautiful and would be great on a wall. 

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Size: 9 inches in diameter
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