1830's Antique Staffordshire Oriental Chinese Tea Slop Bowl

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#AD213: Chinese influence English Pottery Slop Bowl, possibly Hilditch & Son


This is a early old vintage Georgian earthenware waste or slop bowl. It has a muted and dreamy colour pastel look, with great old naive Staffordshire renditions of English interpretations of Chinese people and life. This was at a time when the Staffordshire potters were anxious to get oriental themed wares out to the masses. The elite had their true and expensive Chinese Export wares, and England was producing its own version for the masses.

The scenes are great, our favorite is a baby with what looks like a yo-yo in hand and a yellow barking dog running under foot. There are pagodas, and woven Chinese flower baskets, a family with a yellow bird, and a very heavy set elder with a long pipe. In general, it seems to portray a loving look at the Chinese family in early and naive settings. It is charming and has a folk art quality to us. 

A slop bowl is part of the trad tea set. When tea becomes cold, it is emptied into a slop bowl before refilling with hot water. Many beautiful and early slop bowls were made, and this is an old original unmarked piece, Staffordshire made.

The condition is very good with no chips, cracks or restoration. It has remants of black pottery factory soot around bottom rim, see photo, which we find to be very charming. It was found in the Tavistock area of Devon, England, and is almost 200 years old. We feel there is a good chance it was made by the William Hilditch family of potters. In general, early pieces by the smaller potters were unmarked. A beautiful open rimmed white airy piece with a small pedestal base.

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Size: 6.75 inches diameter x 3.25 inches high

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