1830's Antique Religious Sunderland Pink Lustre Transferware Faith Cup

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A beautiful small antique Georgian or early Victorian era mug, cup or coffee can with an stunning transferware scene and the word "Faith" at bottom. It has pink luster/lustre gold gilded highlights. Sunderland Lusterware was made 250 miles north of of London in Tyne and Wear, England at the mouth of the River Wear, then in County Durham. There were many potteries there and most produced pink luster wares, generally unmarked as this piece is.

These beautiful 19th century transfer ware pieces often had religious, proverb, morality motto or mottos and sayings. This one asks for "faith" and depicts a large peaceful allegorical and mythical scene in beautiful hand done black transferware design. The theme is a woman, cherub and clouds in heaven with pink/gold line embellished rim, handle and inside diameter. It was produced most likely as a child's or children's ware antique.

Condition is clean and bright. Recently found in Totnes Devon England. Click images to see condition in close up views and click again to open full images on screen for scrolling to right. Also see other Sunderland lustre on our site.

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Size: 2 and 1/4 inches high x 2 and 5/8 inches wide
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