1825 John & Richard Riley Georgian era Gaudy Welsh Cream Jug / Pitcher

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This is a very early Georgian era Gaudy Welsh 5.25 inch Jug/Pitcher known to be made by pottery manufactory brothers John & Richard Riley of Burslem, Staffordshire, England. They were in business from 1802-1828. They manufactured earthenware first at Nile Street from 1802-1814, then to the "Hill Works" from 1814-1828, in Burslem of Stoke-on-Trent.

The piece is a beautiful and fine white translucent porcelain with pie crust embellished rims to top edge and an embellished lesser pie crust rim at foot. It is decorated in gaudy, Chinoiserie red and blue Imari inspired colours with a deep floral design in the oriental "flowers and fence" pattern. There is an embossed area on both sides with a deep floral design. There are 2 scrolls at top edge of handle, as seen in photos, both still in excellent condition. The bottom has a potter's red tally mark of H83x, and illegible blue markings, see photos.

The Georgian era is a period in British history from 1714 to about 1830–37, named after the monarchies of Kings George I, George II, George III and George IV. It predates the reign of Queen Victoria in 1837, which is then called the Victorian era.

This is an early Georgian Gaudy Welsh piece with no chips, cracks or repairs and in beautiful condition. This beautiful old piece was found in Totnes, Devon, England.

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Size: 5.25 tall x 4.25 inches wide with handle
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