1821 Caroline Queen Consort Of George IV Death Mourning Token Medal UK

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This is a beautiful and historical round brass memorial or death and mourning tribute token, medallion or medal. The reverse has in image of the Queen's burial tomb under an iconic willow tree. It reads: "Born May 17 1768, Married April 8,1795, Died Aug 7 1821, Aged 53."

The reverse shows a bust of the beloved Queen and has the text "Caroline Queen Consort Of George IV". History: Queen Caroline of Brunswick; May 17, 1768 to August 7, 1821, died age 53, with suspicion that she was poisoned. Her full name was Caroline Amelia Elizabeth and she was the was Queen consort of the United Kingdom as the wife of King George IV from 29 January 1820 until her death at age 53 in 1821, and Princess of Wales from 1795 to 1820.

We suggest if you love British history to read more of her amazing story. She was exiled to Europe and when she returned to claim position of Queen Consort, her husband, the ruthless King George IV asked his ministers rid of her. He would not allow her to attend his coronation and asked the government for the Pains and Penalties Bill in his unsuccessful attempt to divorce her. On the night of the coronation July 21 1821, Caroline became ill and died 3 weeks later and was never crowned. Her tomb has the inscription "Here lies Caroline, the Injured Queen of England". The public loved her, and felt for her, thus this mourning token for the people. Her life is an amazing read of adultery, conspiracy, abuse of power and death.

This is a beautiful mourning piece, found in Llangefni, Wales. Click images to see condition in close up views.
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Size: 25mm diameter, round brass

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