1820's Rathbone Scottish Pub Plate-Patronised by the Duke of Wellington

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Scotland made Ceramic Georgian era Pearlware Duke of Wellington Plate

A British political/military figure of the 19th century, the famous hero, Duke of Wellington, defeated Napoleon Bonaparte at the Battle of Waterloo.

A beautiful original 9.75 inch antique original pearlware blue & white dinnerware Georgian era Scottish plate from a pub actually patronised by the Duke of Wellington, circa 1820.  It is printed in soft blue with a 19th c. pottery scene with a beautiful and large mark with crown and ribbon scroll on the reverse which reads:"Patronised by the Duke of Wellington"

Pearlware pottery is an earthenware dating from 1774-1830, the Georgian era. A lovely soft glossy pottery with an overall faint blue/grey tint derived from a touch of cobalt blue in the glaze. This cool blue tinge gives a whiter china appearance than the earlier yellow creamware. Historically, Josiah Wedgwood was seen as the inventor of pearlware with his 1779 "Pearl White" line. It is now known that other 18th century firms were producing pearlware in the 4-5 years prior, known as "pearl blue" and "china glaze" in the early pottery trade. Eventually these early terms fell out of use for the word pearlware in the 19th century. The platter features a centre scene of a shepherd and his sheep in a quintessential village scene with castle, river, boat, estate, falls and early trees. It has a beautiful floral leaf and Scroll ribbon botanical border edge rim pattern, typical of this blue and white transferware series. Condition: This is an 1820's original pearlware piece. It has a 4 inch tight crack as seen in photos with very tiny flake chip in crack.

Shards bearing this pattern have been found on the site of the Rathbone factory (Scottish Blue and White Ceramics by Diana Connell page 64). 

The Georgian era in British history runs from 1714 to about 1830–37, named after Kings George I, George II, George III and George IV. It predates the reign of Queen Victoria in 1837, the Victorian era. This is a beautiful Scottish pottery piece made in Edinburgh that we are very happy to have found.

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Size: 9.75 inches diameter
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