1820's Blue & White Rogers Tivoli Pearlware Transferware Tiny Platter

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#AD332: 1820 Blue & White Child's John Rogers & Son Tivoli
Pearlware Transferware Tiny Ashet, Platter, Meat Plate, Condiment Plate-7 inch


This is a tiny 7.25 inch platter in beautiful blue and white early English pottery Staffordshire transferware / dinnerware antique piece. It has a large and impressive Tivoli Georgian era scroll backmark. It is damaged, but rare, unusual and early. 

Was it a child's dinner set platter? A gravy boat bottom?

This small platter is in dark blue & white transferware detail on a clean white/blue tinged pearlware base. Pearlware pottery is an earthenware dating from 1774-1830, the Georgian era in England. It's a lovely soft glossy pottery with an overall faint blue/grey tint derived from a touch of cobalt blue in the glaze. This cool blue tinge gives a whiter china appearance than the earlier yellow creamware, and can be seen "pooled" around the back rim here, see photos.

James & George Rogers worked at Dale Hall, Longport, Burslem, Staffordshire from 1784-1842, with John taking over in 1815 when his brother George died. Known for quality and detail, this little platter is no exception, it is classic and fine with its beautiful TIVOLI mark. 1815–1842.

TIVOLI, Rome Pattern: This pattern depicts early Ancient Roman classical architectural ruins of Tivolii, Italy, northeast of Rome. It has a strong border of lilies, roses and flowers. 

Condition: 2 cracks, damage: one that appears as an old corner glued repair chip with orange glue residue. see photos. The other is a crack on reverse that you can see if you look closely on front, amidst the deep transferware pattern. The front has some minor yellowing on one flower petal only, as seen. There is a tiny bubble in the firing on front, must be scrutinised closely to see. See all photos.

Just a beautiful, small and rare very tiny Rogers platter that appears to be undocumented, although the pattern TIVOLI is one found with Rogers & Son documentation. We were thrilled to find it.

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Size: Small 7.25 x 5.5 inches

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