1815 Spode Pearlware Blue & White Transferware "Rome Tiber" Platter

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#AD269: Transferware Platter, Ashet, Meat Plate, or Game Plate

A rare and wonderful large and heavy blue and white well used and family worn platter that still displays beautifully. This is an original circa 1815 blue and white early 19th century English Georgian era platter. It was made by Spode under the famous Josiah Spode II 1755–1827. He was the eldest son of Josiah Spode Sr. 1733-1797, who took over the Spode Pottery works in 1797 when his father died. He was an accomplished potter, businessman and an amazing industrial force who was well versed in London society. With his impeccable style and taste, he transformed the Spode company also bringing the Staffordshire pottery business to new heights. This platter was made when he was at the helm.

This piece is known as the "Rome / Tiber" Pattern made by Spode, and was first introduced in Staffordshire in 1811. That is 208 years ago, hard to imagine, but wonderful to try.

The platter views were based on two Georgian era aquatint prints popular at the time which were executed by by J. Merigot and R. Edwards. They were first published in a book entitled "Views and Ruins in Rome and its Vicinity" in 1798. We have included images of these two prints in our photos, to allow you to see the historical scenes on which the artwork was based. The original print was entitled "The Castle and Bridge of St. Angelo."

The view shows the River Tiber, the Castle of St. Angelo, Bridge of St. Angelo, and St. Peter's Cathedral, as well as Trajan's Column, which is seen between the castle and the church. Although this is a nice enhancement, it does not appear there in real life.

The platter depicts a river, a rowing boat, boats with people and their wares, rocks, large hanging willow trees, a many arched bridge, Italian architecture domed buildings, a castle with rounded tower. Figures such as men standing and on the riverbank. This piece is well documented in the 1982 book, "The Dictionary of Blue and White Printed Pottery 1780-1880", Vol. I by AW Coysh & RK Henrywood, as well as David Drakard & Paul Holdway's 2002 book entitled "Spode Transfer Printed Ware 1784-1833."

This beautiful old original Spode pearlware piece with much early character. Click images to see condition in close up views. It is has a long but tight old firing crack seen on reverse and also barely seen but there through to the front, see images. It has some yellowing as seen on reverse. The back has a beautiful cobalt blue SPODE printed mark as well as an impressed numeral "10", as well an a deeply impressed Spode backmark, as seen in photos. It was found in Linthwaite, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, England. We love the character of this large and commanding piece, and it is currently on display in our kitchen. We will be sad to see it go.

Size: 16 x 12 inches
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