1812 Union Copper Co. Birmingham, Warwickshire England Penny Token

  • £18.00


This is a large old 19th century penny coin token for the Union Copper Company of Birmingham. It was "Payable in cash notes". The diameter is a large 36mm, and the condition is dark and dirty. We bring it to you exactly as found, possibly in need of a careful cleaning by a coin collector, although we wouldn't touch it.

Birmingham is in an early and huge industrial manufacturing area full of a canal network in the West Midlands area of England. It sits on the River Rea, and is the largest British city outside London. Although in Warwickshire at the time of this coinage, it is now divided between the 3 counties of Warwickshire, Staffordshire and Worcestershire. This huge copper works was at its peak in 1812, producing 440 tons of copper quarterly. It closed in 1816.

A beautiful early token found in Devon, England. It features the early iconic image of clasped hands, to convey friendship, cooperation in business and peace.

Size: Large, 1.42 inch diameter
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