1830's Antique Child's Saltglaze Stoneware Staffordshire Sprigged Mug

  • £65.00


A beautiful and classic small children's 19th c. English Staffordshire pottery salt glaze cup, mug or coffee can embellished with flowers, leaves and grapes sprigged in cream and treacle brown slip glaze, a fine and handsome piece of antique stoneware. It is a deep cream and brown in colour, with the top embossed with a decorative running dot edge. It measures 2.5 inches in height, made for a young child. 

This old piece is in beautiful condition and was recently found in Devon, England having come out of a house with other Victorian pottery wares. We were happy to find it, and love to think of a small child holding it, drinking tea by the fire. The whole sprig mug, cup or can is glossy glazed, including the bottom, and of high quality. It was most likely produced by the early Doulton Lambeth pottery company in Staffordshire, England.

Size: 2.5 in height x 3.5 inches wide including handle
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