1750's Georgian era Antique Pewter Plate by Henry Little of London

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 #AD254 18th c. Antique British Pewter Plate with London Touchmarks of H. Little

A beautiful 1750's mid 18th century and original signed English sadware pewter plate handmade by London pewterer Henry Little. It has excellent patina and his own large and graphic touch marks to the base. It measures 9.25 inches in diameter. This piece is in excellent condition with original finish, wear and a patina consistent for its age and use of more than 270 years. The touchmarks on the reverse are large, clear and clean, which is unusual in antique pewter, where the soft metal is often quite worn.

The term "sadware" is a historical term for pewter flatware and is first found in use in English records in the mid 1600's. It is known that the use of Pewter hallmarks or touchmarks began in 1530, when English law maintained that each pewterer must have a means of identifying his work. These first marks were rather primitive, small and simple, but over the years they became embellished and artistic, as we see here in Henry Little's own bold moniker and iconic touchmark rooster design.

We have done genealogy research into this 18th century Little family of London. Info from Public Genealogy Records is below: Henry Little is known to have first worked as a pewterer in London from about 1734 to his death in August 1764. He is buried at St George the Martyr, Southwark, Surrey, London, England. His was awarded his London pewter touchmark in 1737. We do not know his age or year born. 

(Digital Copies of Records Below will be Provided to the Buyer)

2 Sons named Henry Little Jr. were Baptised in 1745 and 1747:
Henry George Richard Erasmus Little in the London, England, Church of England Baptisms, Marriages and Burials, 1538-1812
Name: Henry George Richard Erasmus Little
Record Type: Christening (Baptism)
Baptism Date: 17 Nov 1745
Baptism Place: St Leonard, Eastcheap, City of London, London, England
Father: Henry Little
Mother: Margaret Little

Henry Little in the London, England Church of England
Baptisms, Marriages and Burials, 1538-1812
Name: Henry Little
Spouse: Margaret Little
Child: Henry George Little, son of Henry & Margaret, Baptized June 21, 1747.
(We do not believe either of their their sons named Henry survived, as they not listed in Henry Little's last will of 1764 which mentions Ann Little as their only child. it is common to name the next son born with the same name as the prior deceased son)

(Copy of Record will be provided to the Buyer)

From the book: "OLD PEWTER, Its Makers and Marks" by Howard Herschel Cotterell. First published in 1929 and later reprinted eleven times from 1968 to 1985. Published 1929 by Charles E. Tuttle Company, Rutland, Vermont:
List of MAKERS:
2947. LITTLE, ANN, London: 14 Mar. 1765, Y. (This is Henry's daughter, known to be under age 21 in 1764 as per his attached 1764 will. She took over his business after his death in 1864. Y. refers to her year of election to the Freedom or Yeomany of the inherited London Company of her father, pewterer Henry Little)
2948. LITTLE, HENRY, London: 13 June 1734, Y. (Year of election to the Freedom or Yeomany of his London Company); 9 Aug. 1739, L. (his year of election to the livery or clothing); 1751, S. (his year of election to the office of Steward); 1755, R.W. (his year of election to the office of Renter Warden) Touch, 87 5 L.T.P. (His London Touch Plate which he had "leave" to strike on his own as of 16 June 1737, therefore this plate was made between 1737 and his death at 1764)

Henry took on a paid apprentice John Hinde in 1759:
1755-1759 Henry Little in the UK Register of Duties
Paid for Apprentices' Indentures from 1710-1811
Master's Name: Henry Little
Apprentice Name: John Hinde
Residence Location: London
Payment Date: 14 Dec 1759
Apprentice NOTE: JOHN HINDE info From "OLD PEWTER, Its Makers and Marks" by HH Cotterell:
2330. HINDE, John, London: 19 Mar. 1767, Y.; 20 June 1776, L.; 1781, S.; 1790 and 1791, R.W.; 1795, U.W.; 1796, M. Died 26 May 1798. Of 78 Leman Street, Goodman Fields.
Touch, 1024 L.T.P., struck c. 1772.
HINDE, John, London : 21 Aug. 1800, Y. and L.; 1821, f.S. Died 2 Oct. 1841, age 62. In Whitechapel High Street, in partnership with his widowed mother. Partnership dissolved 1 8 June 1803.
HINDE, SARAH, London: Most probably was the widow of John Hinde, 1767, Y. In 1801 she was at 1 34 Whitechapel.
HINDES, John, London : 18 Dec. 1760, Y.

Interesting 1860 NOTE: This info is also from above mentioned Howard Herschel Cotterell Pewter book: SPACKMAN & LITTLE, London: The marks of pewterer Joseph Spackman and Henry Little appear together in partnership on one circa 1760 pewter piece listed in the above mentioned book.

Henry Little's last Will:
England & Wales, Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills, 1384-1858 PROB 11: Will Registers 1763-1767 Piece 902: Simpson, Quire Numbers 348-394 (1764)
My Summary of the Will, there is much more: I, Henry Little, of sound mind, of Easthorpe London bequeath to my loving wife margaret, 50 ounces of his silverplate to her, and to my daughter Ann little I give my silver cup with 2 handles. I give to my wife and daughter all my household, 400 pounds to Ann at marriage as long as her mother is in approval and not until age 21. Henry speaks of his fellow pewterers and leaves them various objects, giving his under 21 year old daughter Ann access to money when she reaches that age. He is very concerned that Ann's future husband(s) not take her money. Note: in 1750, 400 pounds was equal to about 90,000 pounds, a substantial amount of money. She and her mother also inherit his farm and business and tools and property. We could find no trace of either of them after Henry's 1764 death.

Mr Henry Little death Notice in the London, England,
Church of England Baptisms, Marriages and Burials, 1538-1812
Occupation: Pewterer
Record Type: Burial
Death Date: abt 1764
Burial Date: 27 Aug 1764
Burial Place: St George the Martyr, Southwark, Surrey, England
Record enclosed

We have enjoyed piecing together the life of this London Pewterer. Upon purchase, full copies of the records that we have will be also provided to the buyer. (we have provided partial images of them here)  This is a beautiful old clearly marked 1700's piece. Click images to see condition in close up views. It was found in the Dartmoor National Park area of Devon, England. Digital Copies of our researched records will be provided for free to the buyer. It may have been pub ware.
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Size: 9.25 inches in diameter
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