1870's Victorian Porcelain & Brass Corked Fancy Ink Pot / Bottle

  • £55.00


A beautiful Victorian era hard paste porcelain inkpot or inkwell and writing related piece. One of our favourites. This is a corked bottle for early ink in white porcelain, with hand painted flowers and a green, gold gilt and purple / lavender embellished body.

The bottom is an unglazed porcelain with an incised X mark. It has a nice fancy thin decorative etched brass rim around the top of the added and heavy thick brass opening, unpolished in original brass/green patina. Both top rings could be polished if you so desire. It would have held the ink for filling an inkwell. It appears there was once more painted gold scroll gilt or gilding around the white porcelain top area, now worn with 150 years of use.

This old piece was found in the Dartmoor area of Devon, Southwest England near Cornwall. It is classic and handsome. It came with a lovely grey bow around top, and we left it intact, as it is very appealing, although the bow is not old. A lovely 19th century writing / pen or desk accessory piece sold just as found. Probably of Continental origin. It has a cork stopper, as seen. Did it once have a different stopper? The we do not know.

Size: 4.24 inches high x 2.25 inches wide
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