1851 Catherine Haldane Child's Chap Penny Book, Edinburgh Mourning

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1851 Life of Catherine Haldane, Scotland, Mourning: A Penny Book / Children's Chap Book
This is a small 1851 newsprint soft cover mourning "Penny Book" written by Reverend James Alexander Haldane of Edinburgh, about his Scottish daughter Catherine Haldane, who was born December 3, 1795, and died June 5, 1802.

The book speaks of her devotion to scripture and God during her short life. She had heart problems and knew she was to die, and seems was quite a remarkable child. She had a younger sister named Elizabeth Haldane. Her Father speaks of their move to Dumfries and then back to Edinburgh, Scotland.

The Rev James Alexander Haldane 1768-1851 is also known as Captain James Haldane, and was a Scottish independent church leader who in his earlier life was a sea captain. An evangelical preacher, Scottish political and religious mover and shaker, he became more popular than the established church in the independent church movement in both Scotland and Ireland with his brother, Robert Haldane, and others. He died at age 82 in Edinburgh.

It was published by The American Tract Society, New York: 150 Nassau Street and has no date, online records say this book was published in 1851, according the the 150 Nassau Street address. It is #12, a publication of the American Tract Society ATS, which is an organization founded on May 11, 1825 in New York City for the purpose of publishing and distributing Christian literature. It is still in existence, and much more of its history can be found online. It is a story about a young girl alive in the Georgian era, and printed in Victorian times.

This old paper child's or children's book was found in Devon. The corner tips are soft, one front cover tip end is missing, see photos. It is bound with a strip of cotton material like gauze on edge, early. Overall, it is a rare and beautiful old Haldane ephemera or antique book piece, and hard to find intact in the original state. It is also a great genealogy piece for the Haldane family. 

Size: 16 pages, 3.75 x 5.5 inches.
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