c. 1800 English Pewter Pounce or Pepper Pot with Great Patina

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c. 1800 English Pewter Pounce or Pepperpot

#AD538 RL146

A small and beautiful early 19th c pewter pounce or pepperpot. It has a screw lid that I am unable to open and don't want to force. The smooth patina and feel of this early piece is really nice in your hand and is a great early piece of kitchenalia.

A pounce pot, also called a "sander", held cuttlefish bone powder, pumice or a certain resin called sandarach, used to clean or smooth paper before writing on it. Actual sand was never used in the process, and as writing papers became smoother, they were increasingly unneeded.

This early piece has some very minor pitting, and a small dent, but the base, which is usually the trouble spot on these pieces is very steady, clean and beautiful. This little 200 year old pot stands tall!

I have photographed this piece with my trusty thimble (not included in sale) to show its relative size. It's a lovely little Georgian era pot that recently came out of a local Devonshire house, with great shine and pewter patina. I did not clean it in any way, it is just the way it came to me.

Size: 4.5 inches tall
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